Saturday, February 7, 2009


We have had some beautiful weather for the past few days. It's been getting up to about 65 degrees. That is shirtsleeve weather and put the coats away! This will all change tomorrow (Sunday). A nice cold front is coming in with rain and snow.

Bob has been helping a friend who was contracted by the railroad to clean up coal from an 11 car derailment. Some interesting information is that each of these cars carry approximately 200,000 pounds of coal. That would be about 1 million pounds per 5 cars. In this case, 11 cars would be about 2 million 200,000 pounds of coal.

Most of the trains that come thru here are pulling about 100 - 150 cars hauling coal and they come thru about every 20 minutes, 24/7. Now that's a lot of coal!!!!

This coal is coming from the Gillette, WYO area and headed east.

If we can find the price of a pound of coal, it will be an interesting figure to report in a future log.

If you look above the Railroad Crossing sign there is a string of Canada geese that flew by to see what was up...Goose hunting season ended yesterday so they are safe for another season.

The other photo shows an excavator, yellow, used for loading coal into dump trucks for hauling it away.

Bob and I went to Lisco, NE last night, a small town 15 miles from Oshkosh. We went for my birthday dinner of prime rib. My birthday isn't until Monday but they only serve prime rib on Fri. so I was able to get an early present. It was wonderful and the place got really busy with the end of the goose hunters.


Mitch&Betty said...

Sandy and Bob, I just drove through Quartzsite a couple of days ago and it was only 61 and its still cold here in Laughlin.

Mitch and Betty

Mitch&Betty said...

Its just as warm there as it is in Quartzsite, only 62 there a couple of days ago.

Mitch and Betty