Thursday, July 10, 2008

This post is long overdue!
We are in Woods Landing for the summer. I have been working non stop at the cafe, store and cleaning cabing. I'm putting in close to 100 hours every 2 weeks. Not much time off for hiking which I was going to do a lot of this summer.
I have done some hiking with my sis tho. The hike up sheep mtn. was an 8 mile treck. It felt like the Grand Canyon all over again. Then yesterday we went up on the Snowy Range and hiked from Northfork Campground to Brooklyn lake. It was a 5 mile hike.
Next week Bob and I will be headed to Oshkosh, NE to take care of some business with our house. We recently put it up for sale and have to talk with the realtor and sign papers to list it.
August brings a 4 day hike with my sister. I think it is about a 40 mile hike. It will be good just to get away for a few days.
I don't have internet service or cell phone service where I'm at. Just the same as last year so when I go to town, I catch up on emails.

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