Saturday, May 5, 2007

May 5

We left Moab after spending a week there. It is beautiful but it was time to head north. As we headed out of Meeker, Co we saw some deer trying to cross the highway. I honked at them so they wouldn't dart back into the truck. Shortly after that the ABS light came on and this loud noise. We pulled over and got out the manual, looked under the hood, checked all the fuses and Bob finally decided it was the horn that was stuck. He disconnected it and the noise stopped. We do have to get the ABS light checked when we get to Laramie, WY. We also had no cell service where we pulled over. So on the road again. By the time we stopped we were in Rawlins. It was a long day for us. We stopped at RV World campground, they accept Passport America. It is a great campground. We have water, sewer, electric. They are all pull thru sites. They have a laundry room, showers, game room and miniature golf.
We took a drive yesterday south of Rawlins to Savery Res. It is about 40 miles south. It is supposed to be stocked with salmon, trout and browns. But it was windy and cold so we didn't fish. We were going to leave the trailer in the campground for a couple of days and head to Cody to see my mom. The campground host said to check the weather, he thought a storm was coming in. Sure enough! Snow was going to hit the route we were going to take.
When I woke up this morning at 4am to let Carley out, there was about an inch of snow on the ground. By 7am it had melted and we just have a light snow going on right now.
Bob has been busy tying flies. Greg from Float and Fish Fly Shop in Navajo Dam gave him some pointers and he is now tying flies every night.
We will stay here today and tomorrow and then go on to Laramie, WY on Monday if the weather is good.

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Gail said...

Hello! I found your blog last night and have thoroughly enjoyed going back and reading it from the beginning. My husband and I are planning on becoming full-time rvers in approximately 3 years when our youngest graduates high school. We will be selling our home and all non-essentials. Right now we are just beginning that weeding out process and researching motorhomes to buy. Your blog has really made me envious....I'm wishing we were ready to leave YESTERDAY!!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog and can't wait for the next entry. Hopefully, we'll run across you one day on the road!