Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30

We have gotten settled for the summer months. We are staying at Woods Landing, 27 miles west of Laramie WY. We are helping the owners of the place with outside chores, cleaning cabins and working in the store part time. It is a beautiful place with the Laramie River running close by. Brook trout are being caught now that the spring run off has cleared up a bit.

We had tons of rain yesterday along with snow last night and a bit of snow this morning.

It will be a perfect place to be for the summer.

We are close enough to town to run in and get groceries and diesel. Bob's son, Karl and his family came out on Monday and took Bob fishing. Then we all had dinner at the cafe in the evening. They serve excellent food and great service.

Not much else going on with us so I will post every so often.

We sure do miss our friends from Quartzsite! And can't wait to get there again in the fall.

Here's pics of the cabins at Woods Landing..


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