Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

We have not been able to connect to the internet for some time. We left Rawlins, WY last Tuesday and made it to Laramie. The weather cleared up enough for us to leave. We got stranded in Rawlins because of the snow. We decided to stay at Sodergreen Lake, 20 miles west of Laramie. It is free camping and a beautiful lake to fish in. It recently got stocked with some trout and everyone seems to be catching them except us. Here's some pics of the place we're staying.

When we got to Laramie, we had to get the truck checked out because of the ABS and brake light staying on. After 5 hours work on the truck it is fixed. The wiring harness had been chewed thru by MICE. So every night before we go to bed now, Bob sets a couple traps on the engine of the truck. We catch a mouse every night. Maybe this will help the problem in the future.

We will not be hosting the campground this summer in the Snowy Range. We are moving up the road 5 miles to Woods Landing. It has RV spots and several cabins for people to camp in. There is a little general store, gas station and cafe and bar. We are going to work there 40 hours per month for our camp spot and the rest will be money in our pocket. Bob is going to do handyman work outside and I will clean cabins and do the cabin laundry. We will also help out in the store from time to time. We plan on moving up there this weekend. We will have full hookups but unable to get internet or cell service. We will try to get to town at least once a week to post on the blog.

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