Sunday, September 13, 2009


We are headed out on Tues the 15th to head to Arizona. We will travel thru Salt Lake City Utah and then down to Ariz. We are going to spend a couple days at Lake Meade. Work is finished in Wyoming. I'll talk to some of you about it when I get down to Q. It was a bad experience the last couple of days with the owners of Woods Landing.
'The weather is getting cooler here. It has been getting in the 30's at night. Gotta turn the furnace on for a short bit to take the chill off.
Today I'm at the laundromat doing the last bit of wash. Then tomorrow we will hook up the 5er and bring it to town to dump the grey and black water. We'll camp at the Territorial Prison overnight and then head to Riverton to visit my other sister, Jan and her family before we make the long trip.
Last night we took a drive up the mountain to WyColo lodge. It is a restaurant and bar, plus they have cabins to rent. We listened to a cowboy poet for a while and then headed back down the mountain.
We'll be visiting my sister, Donna and family today to say our goodbyes for another season.
See ya all soon in Q!!

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