Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29

WORK, WORK, WORK !! ! ! !
It seems like that is all I've been doing lately. My last paycheck I worked 95 hours and had taken 3 days off to go to SD. Good thing I'm only part time. I am actually part time---at the store, waitressing, cooking and cleaning cabins. But all together, they become full time.
Last Monday, I went on a 12 mile hike in the Snowy Mtn Range. Donna, Jim and Russ tagged along. It took 6 hours and at the end we stopped in Centennial and had pizza and beer at the Bear Tree Cafe. They have the best pizza in WYO!!
Joanne Gabrielson came over from Pocatello Id. to visit for a couple days. Her and I and another friend floated the Shoshone River in Cody last summer. We were all high school buddies.
Russ and I have to work tomorrow, but in the afternoon we will be going to Centennial to listen to a Blues Band. They have a band every weekend and it is fun to get away once in a while.
THEN---on Tuesday, Donna (sis) and I are going for a hike in the Rawah Wilderness down in Colo. Hopefully we can go for 3-4 days.
Have a great week!

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