Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last day in NM

This will be our last day at Navajo Dam, NM. Headed to Moab tomorrow.

Bob will be saying his goodbyes to his friends at the fly shops today and get to the river for one more day of fishing.

Yesterday I dropped him off at the river, there was a fly fishing seminar going on. I headed to town and got the laundry done. When I got back I joined in on the seminar. It was very interesting and well done. There were quite a few people attending. 1st picture is an entomology class down by the river.
2nd one is instructors demonstrating the use of the fly rod.
It's been about 27 degrees every morning for the last few days and warming up to low 60's in the day. And the wind---it never stops blowing.
But as we head north it will be warmer in Utah and then onto Wyo where we will probably hit snow.
We went geocaching yesterday after the seminar. There was a cache up by the lake. We got to within 249 feet of it, had to cross the road and hike up the hill, straight up. I made it to the top and found the cache. Coming down was the hard part, ended up on my backside a couple of times. But mission accomplished!

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