Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28th

Goodness, the month of July is almost gone...I've been working so much at the place we're staying, I haven't done anything else except fish a couple of times.
Bob on the other hand.....well, lets say he has been fishing as much as I have been working. A couple weeks back he went to a private pond with his sons, Justin and Karl and a fishing guide. Bob and Justin and the guide went fishing out in a boat and Karl used the float tube to fish from. They were catching fish about 14" long. About lunch time, they pulled the boat in and were going to have lunch. All of a sudden Bob thought he heard someone throwing rocks into the pond. Come to find out, it had started to hail. They barely got the boat out of the water in time and got to the truck before the clouds just opened up and let it go. There were golf ball sized hail stones...The guides truck is full of dents and also a broken windshield wiper. Since the fishing poles were left in the boat, Bob also had one of his rods break. He did send it in and is now borrowing one from Karl. What a day they had...

Here's a picture of the hailstorm.

We had a very nice couple stay in the RV site next to us. Jack and Karen are from Tuscon. They will be coming back in about a month to stay longer and do some hunting with some of his buddies that are coming up.

We have been having some wet weather. Check out and see all the flooding that is happening in Laramie (a town 25 miles from here).
We had visitors that stayed in one of the cabins for a couple nights. I used to take care of Dorothy when I worked in Home Health. It was nice of them to come up. A picture of Dorothy and Leon Hanson.

Bob is trying to get a park ranger job in Quartzsite for the winter and if he does get it, we might have to head for Arizona in about a month. If not, we probably won't go till Oct.

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